When you’re investing in a large-scale business operations solution like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, you want to know what type of support you’ll be getting during and after implementation. Some important first questions you might ask include:

  • What kind of support does the vendor supply?
  • Do they keep someone on-site? Or do I receive a help desk number to call?
  • What happens if a problem occurs?

All of these questions are important for helping you determine what makes a good software support system. With over 30 years in the ERP implementation business, we think we can help shine some light on this subject.

So, what do we think determines good customer service and should be sought after when trying to choose an ERP vendor and implementation team that will provide good support? We’re glad you asked!

What makes a good software support system:

  • Communication. Communication between you and the specialists implementing your ERP system goes without saying. But you also want a team that communicates well with each other. A team that communicates well with each other will ensure that you receive cohesive and consistent service.
  • Consistency. An important factor of any customer service or support team is the level of consistency in the assistance they provide you. A good software support team will ensure they are able to provide this throughout the entire implementation.
  • Knowledgeable. Good software support systems are made up of knowledgeable team members who will you make feel confident about your choice. You should feel comfortable asking questions and be able to trust the answers provided by your support team.
  • Responsiveness. When dealing with customer service when do you feel the most important and most appreciated: when a team member promptly responds to your queries, or when a team member takes a few days to get back to you? If you didn’t answer that a prompt response makes you feel the most valued, you’re lying. An established standard response time speaks volumes to the testament of a good software support system.
  • Visibility. Software support teams that communicate their support framework regularly helps everyone know where they stand. This keeps expectations realistic and helps build strong customer service relationships.

Those are our top-five criteria for what we believe makes a good software support system and we adhere to them religiously ourselves. However, we believe there is always room for growth and we are always looking to improve customer support and provide the best experience possible for our customers. If you think there’s something we left off the list, reach out to us today and tell us in your own words what you believe makes a good software support system.