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Commercient provides eCommerce Shopping Carts for SYSPRO, TRAVERSE, and accounting packages. We optimize the order experience and allow you to achieve B2B eCommerce for SYSPRO and TRAVERSE with success the first time around.

Commercient is designed to allow SYSPRO users to deploy a powerful B-B work flow engine to different customers groups or “audiences” based on SYSPRO’ s business rules. Web customers can access the same web site but experience different order process’s. The menus, the styles, the information, the pricing, the product lists, the product catalogs, the fields on the screens, the flow from home page to order finalization can be completely tailored to different “audiences”.

How does Commercient help you?

ABC Corporation has seven types of users: Sales People, Dealers, WholeSale Dealers, Regional Distributors, Consumers, Customer Service, Customers. The needs for each type of user are different; sales people must login and see their list of customers whereas a Customer must login and not be presented with a choice of customers to select. The sales people must be able to switch to other accounts easily. The consumer must be able to browse product without logging in with Suggested Retail Pricing, he must be able to add product to a shopping cart, checkout with a credit card, and possibly create an account online. Some Dealers must provide credit cards for completing the order while other dealer’s orders are taken on credit. Wholesale Dealers are essentially the same as Dealers but must request product at least three weeks out however the ability to override the rule is available to them with a short email note going to the customer service department.

The Customer Service department must be able to perform all of the above functions but must be able to perform additional functions like resetting passwords, approving online registrations, checking on order status, and processing warranty replacements.

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