Project managers are indispensable resources for the companies they work for. They are master communicators, planners, facilitators, and schedulers. Project managers also tend to be information powerhouses.

With workforces becoming progressively mobile, project managers find themselves in need of applications that can help them streamline their daily duties. Project management doesn’t have to be complicated in a mobile environment. In fact, it can be fairly easy if you have the right apps at your disposal.

5 Project Management Apps You Need

  1. Asana. Asana is easy to use. It’s sole purpose in this world is to help you create and share task lists with your team and successfully manage every project on your plate. This is also a great project management tool because integrations with Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Mailchimp and more are available.
    Teams with 15 members or less can use Asana for free. Teams with more than 15 members must use the premium plan priced at $8.33 per user per month.
  2. Casual. Casual is a unique project management app in that it allows you to plan your tasks by drawing them on a flow chart. This is an insanely intuitive app that helps project managers visualize and track their projects. It’s a great for small teams. You can give the app a test run for free and if you don’t like it you’re not obligated to pay for anything. However, Casual has five different pricing plans to choose from should you decide it’s the project management app for you.
  3. Podio. Podio is an excellent choice for project managers in charge of medium to large-sized teams. This app works to help you provide a well-organized structure and clear vision for completing your projects. The interface is easy to navigate and communication with team members is fast and simple when using this app. There are four pricing plans to choose from, one of which is free for up to 5 employees and 5 external users.
  4. Trello. You can’t make a list of top project management apps without including Trello. That’s because Trello is very user-friendly and works like a virtual whiteboard with post-it notes (and what project manager out there doesn’t love their whiteboard?). You can create multiple boards for multiple projects and work more collaboratively than you and your team ever have before. Trello offers three pricing options with various amounts of space and features available: Free, Basic, and Enterprise.
  5. Evernote. *Technically* Evernote isn’t a project management app, it’s a note taking app, but a lot of people still use it for project management tasks. It’s a great tool for keeping organized with multiple projects, especially personal projects. We may not all have the  title “Project Manager” at work, but we certainly are project managers in our personal lives. Evernote is available for free or you can choose a premium plan that will cost between $5 and $45 per year.