Summer is quickly fading. But if you’re a small business owner you may not have had the opportunity to take a vacation from work and enjoy the warm weather while it’s here.

That’s understandable. Keeping a business going is hard work. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay chained to your desk and never enjoy some time off.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of days filled with emailing new clients and brainstorming exciting ideas. However, it’s a proven fact that taking some time off to recharge actually benefits your creativity and ingenuity more so than charging full-steam ahead 24/7.

Part of running a successful business is learning to delegate and get rid of some of the daily tasks and burdens that fall on your shoulders. It’s good to have a little free time every now and then.

Give Yourself A Break

It is possible for small business owners to take a vacation and nothing happen. In fact, you’re more likely than not to take a vacation and have everything run smoothly while you’re gone.

No emergencies. No client relationships falling apart. Nothing major to worry about. You just have to prepare beforehand. Really, that’s all.

Just because we discuss projects that require a lot of hard work on this blog doesn’t mean we don’t know how to take a step back and relax too. That’s why we’re taking a step back this week to explore how business owners (big and small) can catch their breath before heading into the long fall and winter months.

Here’s the short but tried and true business owner’s guide to taking a vacation to help you ensure everything goes just fine while you’re soaking up the sun somewhere:

3 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Your Summer Vacation

  • Delegate daily tasks. As a small business owner, we understand this can be easier said than done sometimes but it’s something you should really get in the practice of doing.

    Delegating small daily tasks frees you up to focus your time elsewhere. Reducing the length of your to-do list will allow you to work more on your business than in it.

    Delegating daily tasks is an easy first step in preparing to take you vacation. There’s nothing wrong with cutting yourself some slack.
  • Talk to your team. Communication is key to keeping things on track while you’re out of the office. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 employee or 1,000.

    Your team should have a clear understanding of your expectations before you pack. Address the following questions to ensure that everyone is on the same page before you leave:

    How available will you be while on vacation?

    What’s the best way to reach you while you’re gone?

    What should you be notified about immediately and what can wait until you get back?

    Will their responsibilities change?
  • Be prepared. As a small business owner, you’ve probably got a million projects you’re working on all at once. When you start thinking about taking a trip, go ahead and pick the most important project you currently have to focus on and make sure you can reach a stopping point before you go on vacation.

    The only way you can focus on having fun and relaxing while you’re out of the office is to make sure you have the most important things done before you leave.

This guide is short and sweet but we guarantee if you give it a try you won’t be disappointed. We talk a lot about hard work around here but we understand the importance of taking some time off too.

Especially if you’ve just gone through something like an ERP implementation and finally have everything running smoothly.

One of the keys to being successful within any business, and any industry, no matter how big or small you are, is understanding the importance of taking a break from time to time and trusting your team will keep things going while you’re gone.