Last week, SYSPRO Technical Consultant Al Brough published a thought provoking blog post, The Bleeding Edge of Technology Part 1 on The SYSPRO Blog. In the post, Brough explores the importance of keeping up with the ever-evolving world of technology and what it can mean for your business.

“As a SYSPRO Technical Consultant who spends a good deal of my time at the support desk, I see businesses grapple with Moore’s Law on a daily basis. Some commit to keeping up with the rapid pace of technology, while others balk at the disruption and/or expense of buying and implementing new hardware and software. Yet others seemingly set themselves up for success, but fail to make backups or implement upgrades, often to their subsequent chagrin.”

Brough continues, “From where I sit, the correct response to Moore’s Law is obvious. The potential rewards for jumping technological hurdles include optimisation and success, whereas the problems with falling behind include catastrophic data loss, erosion of competitiveness, disintegration of key relationships and eventually, business failure.”

As technologies have advanced and the requirement has grown to link your ERP System to other third party products (to improve efficiencies and aid automation), there has been a slow but gradual increase in the skills requirement and responsibilities of ERP Administrators. This has led to an almost rebirth of the role and reclassification because of its increased importance to businesses.

You can further explore The Bleeding Edge Of Technology Part 1 by following the link.