Support Zone to Infozone

The SYSPRO Support Zone is officially being replaced by the Infozone, which will offer a variety of support options to SYSPRO Customers, SYSPRO VARs, and SYSPRO staff. If you previously held a Support Zone login you can use the same credentials to log in to the new SYSPRO Infozone. All of the information you had previous access to in the Support Zone will still be available in the Infozone.

SYSPRO’s new Infozone offers a fresh, easy-to-use interface and offers more reliable features to users such as Search. You can access the Infozone by clicking here: SYSPRO Infozone. If you do not already have a login you can register by clicking the link provided. When you register, SYSPRO will perform a manual check to ensure that you are in fact a SYSPRO Customer, SYSPRO VAR, or SYSPRO Staff. If you are not, your registration will be declined.

The SYSPRO Support Zone will remain available until the end of February 2016. During this time you may use either the Support Zone or the Infozone. After the end of February 2016, the Support Zone will be closed down and only the Infozone will be available.
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