Fifteen years ago you probably wouldn’t have believed us if we told you a device no bigger than the palm of your hand would have the computer power to play HD videos, navigate you across the country, and secure your sensitive data with the tap of a finger.

Oh, and you could call your mom on it too.

According to a smartphone user report from Pew Research Center, “Nearly two-thirds of American adults (64%) now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 58% in early 2014…Four smartphone features — text messaging, voice and video calling, using email, and using the internet — stand out as the most widely used out of the eleven apps and features evaluated in this study. Nearly all of the smartphone owners surveyed (97%) used text messaging at least once over the course of the study period. Text messaging is followed closely in popularity by voice calling (engaged in by 92% of smartphone owners), using the internet (89%), and using email (88%).”

Today, smartphones and mobile devices have become such an integral part of life that they even function as mini-offices that you can use to access information anytime, anywhere. Mobility is changing society at a rapid pace and offers many businesses numerous benefits they never even dreamed of just over a decade ago.


SYSPRO Espresso And Your Business

With mobile devices becoming increasingly popular as a way to interact with those around us — and the companies that we work for —it has now become essential that an organization’s systems be robust enough to support this growing demand. And when it comes to ERP, your employees aren’t looking at their mobile device as a replacement for their ERP user interface  — they want it as an additional interface.

Deployment of the right solution is important to the success of your business (and the happiness of your team). SYSPRO has put a lot of effort into ensuring that their mobile ERP solution, SYSPRO Espresso, runs on any mobile device and won’t make your employees feel handicapped in any way when accessing the ERP functions via a mobile device.

Many businesses generate significant revenue from ad-hoc sales, so SYSPRO built SYSPRO Espresso to allow invoices to be created, viewed, and shared on-the-go. Information is always  available in real-time, offline, enabling your sales reps to access accurate inventory before closing a deal.

In a nutshell, SYSPRO Espresso is a mobile ERP solution for businesses embracing the smartphone boom who want to take advantage of the mobility that has literally been placed in the palm of our hands. It’s an essential tool that supports the mobile workforce today and into the future.


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