Accessing the Edgeware Support Customer Portal:

Accessing the Edgeware Support Customer Portal:
To open and manage Support cases online please use Edgeware’s Support Customer Portal. If you do not have a login & password for the Customer portal please contact support on (888) 334-3927 and press 1. If you have forgotten your password click the forgotten password link on Edgeware’s Support Customer Portal.

You can always reach the support desk via voice on (888) 334-3927 and press 1 for support desk.

Viewing Your Cases:

In Edgeware’s Support Customer Portal, the inquiries that you submit to the Customer Support team are called “cases.” To view your open and resolved cases:

1. Click the View Cases tab. The open cases that you have submitted are displayed.

  • Optionally, click the View Closed Cases button to view a list of your resolved cases.
  • If you are a Self-Service portal “super user,” you will be able to view all of the open and resolved cases submitted by everyone in your company.

2. Select a case subject to view the details of the case.

  • Optionally, the Home tab displays all of your open cases when you log in. To view a case from the Home tab, click its subject.

Logging a Case for Customer Support:

If you cannot find a solution that answers your inquiry, you can submit a case to our Customer Support team. To submit a case:

  1. Click the Log a Case tab.
  2. Enter a subject and description for your case. Enter as much information as you can to assist our Customer Support reps in responding to your inquiry.
  3. Click Submit.
  • Optionally, click Add Comment to add a comment related to your specific case.
  • Optionally, click Add Attachment to add a file to your specific case that you think would assist the support team in answering your inquiry.


Registered Edgeware customers get free access to the Download Updates link. You can find updates.

Check Out Edgeware’s Support Desk’s Standard Operating Procedures

Edgeware customers get access to the Support Desk’s Standard Operating Procedures. You can find  answers to ongoing issues by following the step listed.