Ah, Spring. The season of flowers, balmy days, and renewal. It also is a harbinger of warmer weather to come, which means vacations. Vacations can conjure up visions of sunshine and rum drinks on sandy beaches but it also means that it is bathing suit season. If, like many of us, you have a sedentary job, the very idea of putting on a swimsuit and parading around in public is enough to make you want to crawl back under the covers and stay there until fall comes around again.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to sneak in some exercise at the office, all without ruining your clothes and makeup or looking silly.

  • Get a standing desk. Studies have shown that you can burn about 20 calories an hour using one of these contraptions.  While the calorie burn isn’t huge, the transition to a standing desk can alleviate most types of back pain, as well.
  • Or if you are feeling really motivated get a treadmill desk.
  • Get up and move. No matter how busy you are,you can take a minute or so every hour to walk around, do some stretching, or even bust out some burpees. Or how about walking around as you take a phone call?
  • If you are stuck in cubicle hell and can’t do a series of jumping jacks without annoying the bejeezus out of your coworkers, fear not. You can still get some sneaky exercises in while you type away or while you grab some water. Here is a list of deskercises that you can do while still managing to be a productive staff member.
  • Use your lunch hour wisely. Instead of slogging down to the office canteen, how about finding a gym nearby and busting out a quick spin class? If you are too broke for the gym, take a brisk walk on your lunch hour.
  • Host a walking meeting. Instead of sitting around a stuffy boardroom, suggest you and your coworkers bat around ideas at a local park, or take a trek around your building or office complex.
  • Instead of fighting to get the spot closest to your office, why not park as far away as possible and speed-walk to your office?
  • Turn activities you have to complete anyway into little exercise routines, like speed-walking to the printer and back.

It’s time to spring clean your routine. Add these little changes to a healthy diet, and you’ll be ready to wow them at the beach in no time.

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