Software or business processes. What’s more important? It’s a question you should seriously consider before you start a software implementation project.

Which deserves more of your attention? The software you choose or the business processes you expect it to support? It’s a tough question to answer. But if you don’t give it the thought it deserves it can result in an ERP that isn’t fully designed to work with your business and fails to support critical functions.

Software vs. Business Processes

In order to answer our proposed question let’s consider the following:

  1. Not everybody agrees on what software should do. If everyone in your company doesn’t outline the problems the software that you’re implementing is supposed to solve, they’re going to have problems agreeing on what functions they want the new ERP to perform.

    Before the installation software process begins you need to make sure that everybody in your company is on the same page about what that software is going to do.

    Look at what’s on the horizon for your business: do you see significant growth and the need for an amenable and scalable software? Or do you see a travelling sales team that needs an ERP software with awesome mobile functionality?
  2. What type of customizations will you need? Setting up your software isn’t always as easy simply downloading it. Chances are you’ll need to be able to mold that software to fit your business processes.

    So we need to take customization and everything you’ll need to support your business processes into account before coming up with a definitive answer. Data entry and customer adoption should also be considered when trying to answer if software or business processes are more important when preparing for an implementation.

The Answer?

If you’ve got your business processes figured out, picking the right ERP software solution for your business will be heck of a lot easier than if you don’t have them figured out. Figure out your business processes first and then pick your software.

When you know your business and your team understands their tasks and what they need to accomplish those tasks, it’s so much easier to implement a software project that will be completed successfully. The success of any software implementation project hinges on returning to the questions that kicked off your project’s campaign in the first place.

Guarantee success with your next software project and contact an Edgeware consultant today. We help clients go into projects with a well-founded knowledge of everything their software will do and see it through to successful completion.