There aren’t many of us today who would even think about leaving our homes without a mobile device, let alone actually do it. A testament to the world we now live in, mobility dominates and makes working and communicating easier than we ever thought possible.

If you’re a SYSPRO user, you already know how much simpler work life can be thanks to mobile devices and SYSPRO Espresso. SYSPRO Espresso makes it possible to be just as “in touch” with your office regardless of whether you’re actually behind your desk or not.

Since SYSPRO Espresso has become such a valuable tool for businesses everywhere, we thought we’d share our top 3 favorite apps with you this week. Hopefully, if you haven’t already downloaded SYSPRO Espresso, the apps on this list will convince you to give it a try.

  • Customer Query – It’s impossible not to love Customer Query. If you’re planning to visit a customer, you no longer have to look the address up in advance and plug it into your navigation system. With SYSPRO Espresso, you just use the geolocation link from customer query and your phone will plug it into whatever navigation system you want to use.
  • Sales Dashboard – The Sales Dashboard shows you all of the critical information you need to know with both actual and budgetary figures. You can see in a glance if you’re meeting goals and which salespeople are doing the selling. Awesome, right?
  • Job Query – Job Query makes it possible to see where all of your consultants are. If a customer rings up, you can run a quick check to see if any consultants have been on site recently and if any are on site now. It just makes everything so much easier.

There are numerous useful SYSPRO Espresso apps to choose from to help you run your business no matter where you are but these are just a few of our favorites. If you would like to learn more about SYSPRO, SYSPRO Espresso, how to download the app, or have any other questions or concerns, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help!