In today’s digital world, businesses must be technologically present, efficient, and cost-effective. Cloud-based ERP solutions promise all of these things and more. More businesses are discovering these solutions and realizing the potential. In fact, according to research, over 75% of all organizations will use some form of cloud-based solution in 2017. Due to this number, there is an increasing concern regarding the safety of cloud-based ERP solutions versus traditional in-house ERP software.

It may surprise you to know that cloud-based ERP solutions are not only safe but secure. Like most technological advances, cloud-based ERP and its security is in the hands of the stakeholders using it. With that kind of control in your hands, what could be more secure?

Better Protection  

Service providers that offer cloud-based solutions have discovered new ways to ensure better protection. We are no longer dealing with caveman era technology. Over the past few years, as the Cloud increased in popularity, service providers have begun investing more in the security of the systems instead of the visuals and the tools included. In addition, they have found better ways to combat potential hacking issues and constantly strive to protect businesses from these attacks. On-site solutions require a full-time staff member to constantly monitor.

Less Control Does Not Equal Zero Control         

With cloud-based systems, you may feel as if you have less control over your data due to where it is stored. The truth is, having less control does not equal zero control.            

Instead, studies show that the actual location of your data contributes less to the final outcome than the way it is accessed. Access to your data is more important than where the data is stored. Therefore, you have control over who can access the data, how they access it, and how often. Having less control on where your data comes from gives you more time to control the real issue at hand: who is accessing it?

The Focus is on Security            

Companies that build ERP solutions for enterprises within the cloud focus more on security than those who build software for in-house solutions. Why? The Cloud needs more security due to access than the in-house solutions that have a firewall. Although the security of the Cloud is still top-notch, the added focus on security keeps research and advancements in security at your fingertips. If there is an issue within your data, there is a company collaborating with you to find it. Their focus is on your security.            

Cloud-based ERP solutions offer your business technological advancement, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness – all in a secure manner. With better protection for your data, full control of access and a focus on security, cloud-based ERP is the best solution for any enterprise. Have questions about ERP integration and how it can benefit you? Call Edgeware today.