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Operating in the software and SaaS industry is like driving in the fast lane. With rapid growth comes increasing complexity and the need to get financial answers fast.

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) need to generate reports, monitor dashboards and react to trends faster than ever before. But is there a solution out there that makes this possible? Yes!

Intacct will enable you to produce rock-solid financials and operational metrics that can be used for making strategic decisions. Intacct will also prepare you for rounds of funding and an IPO.

Additionally, Intacct also offers the deepest Salesforce CRM integration compared to all other financial solutions. With native connectivity to Salesforce and a subscription billing system built on the Salesforce1 platform, Intacct gives you complete visibility of each customer and results in faster sales cycles, improved customer service, and better reporting.

Edgeware is ready to put Intacct to work for you to achieve your corporate growth trajectory. We understand software and SaaS environments (and Salesforce) and we’re here to give you the best solution for your business.

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