Professional Services Solutions

Managing financials for an organization that sells services—like financial services, online services, or health services for example—means that you may be juggling sales all over the world or all over the web. There’s a good chance you have consultants and contractors in diverse locations too.

It also means that you want to see your data reported in a meaningful way to you. Intacct’s dimensional general ledger and financial reporting tools enable you to analyze your data in real-time, the way you want.

Intacct is also pre-integrated with Salesforce CRM, so you can streamline the journey from quote to cash and avoid data re-entry along the way. With Intacct, you can also route your timesheets and expense information to approvers and deliver dashboards to any stakeholder. It’s automatic, fast, and easy.

Take a look at how Matrix Absence Management was able to streamline revenue management and cut the monthly close by one full day each month, speed up their monthly invoicing process by 20 percent, and grow their organization using Intacct.

Edgeware is ready to implement Intacct in your services organization to give your decision makers the tools they need to drive the business forward with data driven insights.

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