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Your nonprofit organization strives to achieve its mission while pursuing efficiency and cost containment. Whether your nonprofit organization is faith-based, a foundation, a healthcare provider, an association or a social services organization, Intacct’s cloud ERP system can help you achieve greatness.

Intacct gives nonprofits the ability to manage multiple locations, multiple currencies, grants and fund accounting. It’s an easy to use cloud ERP system for both large nonprofits and small ones.

For example, when Canyon Ridge Christian Church outgrew Quickbooks they turned to Intacct to help them manage their growth. Based in Nevada, Canyon Ridge needed a robust financial management system that would enable them to double the productivity of their finance team without having to add headcount.

The result is that they have reduced manual data entry, they have improved visibility of financial performance and the finance team has more bandwidth to focus on projects that support the organization’s spiritual charter. (Source)

As a cloud-based ERP system, Intacct has always been a true SaaS, multi-tenant solution that allows you to access your data anywhere. It is also the only cloud solution preferred by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Edgeware’s knowledge of implementing cloud-based ERP systems for nonprofit organizations means that we can get your organization up and running smoothly and effectively with Intacct.

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