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ERP software for producing and distributing plastics and rubber

Plastics and rubber product manufacturing is fourth among the top manufacturing industry groups in the United States. Despite the fact that the use of plastics and rubber products is increasing worldwide, the plastics and rubber industry is still highly competitive and is experiencing serious challenges. For many companies, a major challenge has been to deal with the effects of globalization, which has resulted in reduced levels of industry growth as manufacturing has relocated to lower-cost locations.  The response has been to diversify into other products and markets.

SYSPRO helps you overcome industry challenges

  • Lean manufacturing should be implemented to increase manufacturing efficiency
  • Cost management should be optimized
  • Customer service must be improved and expanded
  • Batch variability should be minimized
  • Production scheduling must be able to accommodate changes in ingredients, formulas, routings and end products.
  • For ingredients in inventory, scheduling needs to manage the complexities of volume-constrained resources like tanks and silos.
  • Yield management must be strengthened
  • There is a long and complex production process

Ways that SYSPRO can help you:

The SYSPRO Lot Traceability module is designed to provide full traceability at transactional level for items which could cause loss of life or limb if conformance to quality standards is not adhered to. Companies in industries such as electronics, aeronautics, defense, food, pharmaceutical, motor vehicles and building would typically require the Lot Traceability module. This module records material movement through the receiving, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, stocking and final dispatch stages. The integration with SYSPRO’s other modules permits full upward and downward traceability through all inventory transactions. The module traces product life cycle from raw materials to final products.
SYSPRO’s manufacturing suite of applications enables manufacturers to keep finished goods in inventory at an absolute minimum. SYSPRO will enable efficiencies by maximizing throughput and resource utilization by leveling off production peaks and troughs. Improved decision making is based on what’s scheduled and what’s running, capacity, resources, labor, work orders, overloads, skills, potential problems, set-up, tear down; pegging. SYSPRO will enable a manufacturer to decide where to make the product, using which resources and specify sequence scheduling thereby improving throughput.
The SYSPRO APS system provides a graphical view of the shop floor in real-time and measures productivity at the closest point to manufacture. It provides a simple and efficient means of coordinating the supply chain through better advanced planning, scheduling and visibility over production. A concise, tactical overview of production schedules and workloads by work center, day, and job enables managers to more easily identify potential problem areas and schedule jobs in accordance with available resources and promised delivery dates.
The Requirements Planning module is the focus of the manufacturing and material resource planning system. The objective of requirements planning is to create realistic purchasing and production schedules, optimize stock holdings and identify capacity constraints in a multi-site, multi-warehouse environment. The module assists with the planning of materials and production capacity required to meet demand and identifies levels of usage of critical resources for rough-cut capacity planning. It allows for the easy creation of build schedules from Master Production Schedule (MPS) suggestions and the shop floor, and it suggests purchasing, production and transfer schedules to satisfy demand. Features of this module include variable planning horizons, dynamic capacity profiling and load leveling. This is a bucketless system. The calculation is regenerative and infinite, and can be fed into Forward Finite Scheduling.

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