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Do you Manufacture Capital Equipment and Machinery?

We can help you.

As an industrial machinery or capital equipment manufacturer, you face unique challenges. In addition to complex engineering requirements, you must also answer to customer demands for higher quality, lower costs, and faster delivery. SYSPRO’s software for Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers enables the Engineering, Sales, Operations, Procurement, Planning, and Production departments to efficiently manage all aspects of the Supply Chain. The Salesforce Integration provides real-time collaboration across all departments and with customers and partners.

SYSPRO works to solve your Machinery and Equipment manufacturing issues:

  • Reduce labor and material costs through implementation of lean strategies and efficient production management.
  • Increase profits and maximize sales opportunities with customer relationship management capabilities.
  • Ensure high-quality products are delivered to customers with robust quality assurance.
  • Maintain facilities and equipment with preventative maintenance factored into production schedules.
  • Support production of complex products with multi-level bills of material, product configuration, and project management capabilities.
  • Provide comprehensive aftermarket service through mobile service engineers and part sales.
  • Improve visibility with a comprehensive end-to-end solution containing built-in dashboards.


SYSPRO gives you:

Get extensive design control with a system that allows you to manage new product development and introduction, design collaboration, incoming/receiving, and in-process inspections, electronic digital signatures, materials, and quality dispositions along with complaint tracking and non-conformance reporting.
An accurate and up-to-date system with SYSPRO document control, engineering change controls, process instruction sheets, maintenance, and repairs, as well as health and safety.
Achieve flexible management and accurate quoting for complex products with multiple offers, insourcing and outsourcing contracts, price and margin optimization, approved vendor list, inspections, work in process (WIP), and audit trails, as well as insightful reporting on trend analysis, supplier performance management, and corrective actions.
Employ a comprehensive inventory management system that enables better forecasting and planning, batch/lot and serial tracking, serialization at any point in the process, lot traceability, bar code identification, equipment life cycle management, and more inventory and distribution control capabilities.

SYSPRO Equipment and Machinery Customers

Kawasaki Construction Machinery