When Hurricane Maria battered into Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017, Chemical Solutions lost all power, internet connectivity, and communications. Jovana Arriaga of Edgeware had recently implemented Sage Financials for Chemical Solutions, and had formed a good relationship with Jose Sustache and all the people at his company, and now she could not reach them.

Everyone at Edgeware was greatly concerned about the welfare of the people at Chemical Solutions, and many calls, emails, and offers were made. Jovana persisted and finally, after several weeks, Jose emailed to say that everyone was fine, and that they were managing despite the challenges.

About Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions is a distribution company based in Puerto Rico that sells items from Bazooka Products across Puerto Rico. These include cleaning products for marine, industrial, and automotive use.

Prior to Sage Financials, Chemical Solutions relied on Excel and manually written invoices to keep track of sales and money owed. The CPA controller would then input invoices, bank records, receipts, and other items into Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree Accounting), to manage Jose’s books.

As Chemical Solutions’ sales grew, Jose realized he needed a new accounting solution for his business. He turned to Sage Financials, a powerful, cloud-based accounting package that could help him better keep track of what products have been sold, easily create invoices for his customers, and manage expenses.

Jovana Arriaga, Edgeware Sage Financials Consultant

Edgeware successfully implemented Sage Financials and delivered Chemical Solutions with a great product report that Jose relies upon to analyze his sales, as well as vastly improved bank reconciliation. Now Chemical Solutions’ CPA can easily log into Sage Financials to work on the company books, and Jose can track his company much more efficiently, which allows him to focus on growing his business and increasing sales.

“With Sage Financials, it’s easier. It’s more efficient” said Jose Sustache, owner of Chemical Solutions. “The accountant is working with Edgeware’s Jovana Arriaga. It’s working well and she likes the program.” Jose is thrilled that Sage Financials has enabled Chemical Solutions to present a more professional approach and to provide more business insight. “It’s really good,” are Jose’s words.

Hurricane Maria may have wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico but, armed with tenacity, Sage Financials and Edgeware, Chemical Solutions has emerged stronger, bolder and ready for success. Using Sage Financials, Chemical Solutions was able to access all data and accounting setup despite the storm, and they were able to work from wherever the staff could gain internet access. Chemical Solutions is a fine example of the resilience of the Puerto Rican people who are still rebuilding after the storm.


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