Consultants have to give a lot of presentations. It’s just part of the job. Presentations are often a necessity for every part of a consultant’s job including formal presentations, data analysis documents, and final reports.

After creating a few thousand presentation ourselves over the years  we thought it’d be fun to share a few pro tips for giving a creative, compelling, and downright impressive presentation. Try these 5 strategies during your next presentation to wow your client (and your boss).

5 Strategies For Giving A Great Presentation

  • Be prepared.  Yes, part of being prepared means having your presentation deck in order but there’s more to giving a presentation like a pro than that. If you really want to be prepared, get to know your audience beforehand and try to gauge what they’ll be expecting from the presentation.

    Talk to the person who invited you to give the presentation and ask who’s going to be in the room. A presentation for a bunch of CEOs will be very different than a presentation you give to front-line workers.
  • Make it a conversation. If you really want to keep your audience captivated from beginning to end your presentation should flow more like a conversation. Interact with your audience. This makes the presentation much more interesting to your audience and will make them feel more comfortable about asking questions.
  • Tell a story. The best presenters tell stories that captivate their audience from beginning to end. Your story should illustrate the key elements that you are discussing. This will make the presentation much more memorable for your audience than your regular old run-of-the-mill presentation.
  • Avoid opening with “Let’s get started.” Let’s get started is just so…blah. People have grown accustomed to being entertained nearly 24/7 and expect no less when they attending your presentation to hear what you have to say. Start your presentation off with a bang like a compelling quote or stunning statistic. This will grab your audience’s attention. Once this is accomplished, introduce yourself and then get started.
  • Bring a buddy. When you’ve got a presentation coming up, ask a trusted co-worker to sit in on the presentation so they can provide you with feedback on what went great and what could be improved on. There’s always room for growth and having another perspective is an easy way to ensure every presentation you give will be unforgettable.