“The only constant is change.” – Heraclitus

Technological advances of the modern world are proving to be a key element to getting one step ahead and maintaining a successful business. Emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), are facilitating changes in business models as organizations embrace digital transformation to improve their existing systems in a bid to adapt to a fast-paced technology-driven world.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The internet is a technological marvel that has dramatically changed our lives. Utilized by nearly everyone on the planet, this technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. The internet has been in existence for more than 40 years, but its impact on society has recently been amplified by an Industry 4.0 technology – the Internet of Things. But what exactly is it?

The Internet of Things, or more commonly known as IoT, is the concept of connecting physical electronic devices to the internet and/or to each other by means of a wired or wireless connection. This connection enables these devices to communicate with each other and exchange data.

With the increasing number of connectivity-enabled devices worldwide, it is not inconceivable that, in the near future, the Internet of Things will be a way of life in every corner of the world.

How the Internet of Things Can Help Your Business

The rationale behind Internet of Things is that intelligent machines can communicate and analyze data far better than a human can. For businesses, IoT technology represents an opportunity to increase intelligence capabilities by integrating every aspect of their operations into their IoT applications.

Our partner Commercient does this with IoT Pulse, connecting a company’s ERP to over 1100 apps, including HubSpot CRM, eCommerce, marketing, etc.

These technologies can be applied to every facet of your business, from customer service to forecasting and inventory management. As a result, businesses can adapt more effectively to changes in the market.

IoT holds great potential and businesses can benefit in many ways, including:

  • Achieving a bird’s eye view of operations.
  • Having more sophisticated control over processes and quality.
  • Saving time and money by identifying efficiencies and problems sooner.
  • Determine operational efficiencies and predict machine failures before they occur.
  • Enhancing the customer experience and improving service delivery.

SYSPRO 8: IoT Within ERP

ERP software has always been a resourceful solution for more efficient business processes, and now ERP software has advanced considerably thanks to emerging technologies like IoT. Integrating IoT technology into ERP systems is becoming crucial for business survival because, when combined, these powerful technologies provide businesses with unprecedented levels of insight.

As part of its latest ERP software release, SYSPRO 8 makes it possible for businesses to put IoT data into their ERP systems and turn it into actionable data.

The Benefits of Using IoT in Your SYSPRO 8 ERP Software

  • Digitize and streamline operations
    Manufacturers and distributors can digitize and streamline their operations by connecting their equipment to the internet and generating data from them. Also, IoT uses sensors that allow machines to communicate with each other, making it possible to remotely monitor activities and conditions.
  • Improve customer service
    IoT data can support automation and business intelligence efforts that drive optimal business performance, ultimately helping your business provide better customer service.
  • Analyze data faster and with greater accuracy
    By incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into IoT applications, businesses can automatically identify patterns. Plus, they can detect anomalies from sensors and data generated from machines.
  • Improve quality control and traceability
    IoT technologies can enhance quality control, sustainable traceability and overall supply chain efficiency. They can also improve and automate a complete process – from inventory management to delivery, all in real-time, and without human intervention.
  • Stay connected and continuously updated
    Get continuous updates on the movement and location of individual items and vehicles equipped with auto-identification tags, by linking them to GPS-enabled connections.

Edgeware Embraces IoT

In a constantly changing world where new ideas and technology are emerging, flexibility is of the utmost importance for businesses. Edgeware has flexibility coded into its DNA and believes that embracing IoT technologies is key to remaining competitive in a constantly changing world. Ultimately, IoT will become a global standard and Edgeware is certainly aligned. We are advocates of change and we embrace IoT.

To remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace, companies need an ERP that delivers an end-to-end solution. Let Edgeware and SYSPRO help your business leverage the power of IoT and turn your BlueSky ideas into reality. Please contact us today to get started.

You can contact Commercient here to learn more about IoT Pulse, and how it can set your company’s data free with ERP integrations to over 1,100 apps.


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