As technology continues to advance, businesses worldwide are shifting towards new ways of automating tasks, and interacting and communicating with customers and suppliers. Bots is another technological breakthrough that has unlimited potential for businesses. Companies seeking a competitive edge through the use of emerging technologies are rapidly adopting chatbots in their businesses to focus more on the customer and their needs.

What is a Bot?

A bot is a computer program that can execute automated repetitive tasks beyond human capabilities. Bots are a branch of artificial intelligence that can serve a variety of purposes. One of the most common ways bots that are being used is in the form of chatbots.

Chatbots are intelligent, human-like bots programmed to simulate human conversation. They use natural processing to interact and exchange information with users, and can answer, analyze and predict queries quickly and accurately.

How Chatbots Can Help Your Business

Chatbots are changing the landscape of the customer service industry. From improving processes, creating efficiencies, increasing revenue and freeing up resources in the business, chatbots serve as a powerful assistant to human support. With them, you can have a virtual assistant on your website to attend to customer queries around the clock.

The Benefits of Using Chatbots in Your ERP Software

  • Using a chatbot in your ERP solution can provide a host of benefits. A chatbot can:
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and free up resources within your business for more complex tasks.
  • Predict trends and respond to queries quickly and accurately.
  • Help your business maintain its presence on the internet even when your team isn’t available to respond.
  • Improve customer experience by providing consistent, 24/7 service for customers and suppliers across the globe.


SYSPRO now supports digital citizens (a.k.a bots) in its ERP suite, and has introduced a chatbot in its latest release of ERP software, SYSPRO 8.

Meet Ken, SYSPRO’s ERP Chatbot

Ken is a voice- and text-enabled chatbot that resides within the SYSPRO ERP ecosystem. Ken comes with 60 different skill sets aimed at helping businesses automate and improve their processes. Ken can handle a variety of daily tasks – from customer service to warehouse management.

With Ken, businesses will be able to trade internationally and communicate with customers in other countries around the clock. Ken has more than 1,000 programmed conversations. And while he only speaks English at this stage, he will soon be multilingual.

SYSPRO ERP Chatbot Features

  • Hosted in Azure and makes use of the Microsoft Bot Framework.
  • Makes use of machine learning, natural language processing, and Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligence Service to interpret human language.
  • Interacts through any platform and device of choice.
  • Has 60 different skill sets currently available and is capable of evolving to learn more skills to adapt to the company’s environment.
  • Ken can become the ‘face’ of the company by assuming a digital ‘persona’ that matches your organization.
  • Meets and adheres to predetermined security and authentication protocols

Commercient Deploys Chatbots To Enhance Customer Experience

Our partner Commercient’s Innovation Team is deploying various chatbot applications to create highly engaging user experiences for our customers and partners. They are using AWS Lex Bot to provide conversational interfaces for registration and support systems using voice and text. Amazon Lex provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the intent of the text, to deliver effective conversational interactions.

Commercient is also using Drift Chatbot to give their customers a personal assistant. It allows customer live chat on their website 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get the answers they need. Customers can perform tasks such as requesting support contact information or scheduling an appointment, without needing to speak to an agent. They can get technical support answers from their knowledge base delivered via intelligent chat.

Pinkesh Patel, who holds a Master Of Computer Application, and is currently pursuing his Ph. D., says, “We find the following features very useful easy to use: high-quality speech recognition and natural language understanding, multi-turn conversations, and powerful lifecycle management capabilities.” Pinkesh and his team at Commercient are changing the speed and accuracy of communication, making the customer experience greatly enhanced.

Digitize Your Business with Edgeware and SYSPRO

Businesses need to discern what technologies will deliver the most strategic benefit to their bottom line and incorporate these technologies into their business processes. No one is better equipped to help you get ahead of your competitors than Edgeware and SYSPRO.

As a SYSPRO Premium Specialized Solutions Partner, Edgeware has a focused approach to adopting innovative technologies that are adding value and simplifying complexities in businesses. Let us help your business gain a competitive edge by implementing SYSPRO’s latest ERP for you. Please contact us today.


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