By Raj Adhi

Since the first industrial revolution, manufacturing has remained one of the most formidable industries to shape a nation’s economy. To stay relevant in today’s economy, manufacturers have to think beyond product and infrastructure. Understanding and adopting digital transformations is the key to service efficiency. And the annual Georgia Manufacturing Summit’s goal is to help these leaders to network, learn more and share their knowledge.

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance and Its Core Values

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) is a membership-based organization which focuses on supporting and boosting the manufacturing industry in Georgia. Through annual and monthly events, GMA creates opportunities for manufacturing professionals to make valuable connections across the state. This community of industry professionals can share ideas, leads, and best business practices, and strengthen the local manufacturing community.
From educational tours and sessions, to networking opportunities for local businesses, the GMA functions to benefit its members and support groups.

Georgia Manufacturing Summit

CEO of GMA, Jason Moss, said, “The Georgia Manufacturing Summit creates local connections and builds a strong sense of community in this industry. By supporting each other, manufacturers are growing their businesses and positioning Georgia as the leader in the re-birth of manufacturing in our county.”

Organized by the GMA, the annual Georgia Manufacturing Summit is their flagship event that brings together the local manufacturing community. It is a day filled with introspection, learning, sharing and networking. The 4th Edition of the Conference will be held on October 10th at the Cobb Galleria, Atlanta.

The Summit offers a premier platform for industry leaders who will come together for discussions, keynote sessions, personal engagements and much more. It provides an opportunity for participants to share successes, obstacles, post questions and innovative ideas in an intimate, yet focused setting. Learn from the keynote speakers, along with other industry experts who share their experiences and visions on building a profitable State of Georgia, which has already witnessed immense success in the aircraft building space.

The conference also recognizes individuals and companies who have aided the GMA in achieving its mission. Excellence is evaluated through performance, leadership and community service benchmarks by an independent panel of professionals.

Educational Sessions

  • Disruptive Technologies
    – CIO / Automation / IT Team
  • International Manufacturing
    Building Domestic Growth and a Competitive Edge Through Exports
    – Sales / Marketing / Export
  • Manufacturing A Better Bottom Line
    – CEO / CFO / HR
    Session Sponsor –
  • Sales and Marketing Secrets for Manufacturers
    – Sales / Marketing
  • Trends to Track in Supply Chain
    – Purchasing / Engineering/ Operations / Logistics
  • Workforce Development
    – CEO / HR

The theme this year is “Georgia Manufacturing – Flying High.” The keynote speakers are Mark Burns, President of GulfStream Aerospace Corporation, and Eric Rojeck, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Thrush Aircraft. As the leading exporters of aerospace products, the companies are big contributors to the economy of Georgia, and generate employment opportunities for many allied businesses.

Over 30 Industry Experts from KIA, Southwire, Nisshinbo, Kumho and Chart will also speak about elements of Smart Manufacturing while also sharing ideas that create a better roadmap for the 4th Industrial revolution. Special training sessions cover the entire gamut of manufacturing and progressive technologies.

Why Attend?

This gathering has an ever-evolving, dynamic format that allows you to gain ideas and the latest trends and innovations in the areas of production, design, research and development. The conference also focuses on core challenges and cloud computing technologies which aim to improve operational efficiency and build stronger customer databases.

Events are tailored to meet the needs of local manufacturers and forge collaborative partnerships. Through discussions, sessions and meaningful interaction, attendees can find solutions to real business problems. The local and intimate setting is ideal for easy and informative communication that can be more difficult to establish in a much bigger gathering.

How Edgeware is Involved

Georgia Manufacturing Summit is a networking event that encourages dialogue among manufacturing leaders and technical innovators. As prominent ERP and CRM consultants, Edgeware is proud of their long standing association with the GMA.

Edgeware offers implementation and consultation services for such ERPs as SYSPRO, Sage and others, along with popular CRMs like Salesforce. We specialize in implementing award-winning manufacturing, distribution, and other ERP software packages.

Feel free to catch up with Edgeware at the Georgia Manufacturing Summit at booth number 18, for an in-depth discussion about the facts that make our solutions game changers for the modern manufacturer. Edgeware wishes to empower their local peers through digital support and create a smart manufacturing infrastructure for Georgia. You can call us at 1-888-334-3927, or send us an email here.

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