Accounting is a core function of any business. At any point various stakeholders would want to know how much profit the business is generating; how much inventory is on-hand after a sale; or which customers are bringing in the most revenue.

Many businesses are committed to their current accounting software packages because of an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. Others recognize the faults in the accounting systems that they use but accept these faults as idiosyncrasies that they would rather deal with than venture into the unknown. As a result, many businesses are losing time and losing track of their finances until reporting season.

We asked users of Sage 50 what issues they were experiencing that made it difficult to use the product. Many of the problems cited were operational and make simple data entry frustrating. Some users mentioned that the program shuts down when processing invoices, pulling invoices, or printing checks. Others stated that the program also stops working when opening the general ledger, or reports.

Sage 100 users were asked the same question. Their issues included the inconvenience of having to use onsite servers; blackouts and system shuts downs; slow performance when starting the system or opening a new task; having to perform manual processes outside of the system, such as using spreadsheets for reports; inaccurate inventory counts; inadequate cost information and inability to barcode items.

If these problems sound familiar to you, you are probably in need of an innovative and dynamic, solution that can produce results in real time.


Meet Sage Financials

Enter Sage Financials Business Cloud. Sage Financials is a cloud based accounting package. That seemingly simple sentence solves a number of problems:

  • No more on-site servers which require physical space; hands-on maintenance; and limit the speed and capacity of your systems.
  • No more physical boundaries – you can log in to your accounting system from a laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • No more storage issues – your data will be stored in the cloud and therefore will not put strain on your systems.

Have you ever heard of Salesforce? Salesforce is an award-winning CRM platform that is revolutionizing how businesses sell, market to, and service their clients. It is also the powerful and intelligent platform upon which Sage Financials is built. This means that in addition to the accounting and reporting functionalities of Sage Financials, you have access to a large number of 3rd party apps which seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and can be used to bring data into your accounting system.  

This partnership also means that you get access to artificial intelligence and analytics in the form of Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Sage Intelligence financial reporting. These tools will allow you to drill down into and analyze your financial information in a number of useful ways. You can also create stylish reports and dashboards that can be updated in real-time.

When it comes to analyzing information, Sage Financials offers an innovative way to manage and classify your information – dimensional accounting. Dimensions are categories of information such as branches, projects or employees. Transactions can be associated with – “tagged” to – a number of dimensions.

For example – a travel expense incurred could be associated with Branch 1 of your business, Project ABC, and employee Joe Soap. Not only could you report on the travel expenses associated with each dimension separately, you could also report on combinations of dimensions. Using the same example, you could report on how much of the travel expenses for Project ABC were incurred by each employee.

Sage Financials also offers built-in inventory management capabilities and can be linked to 3rd party apps which expand even further on the functionality provided by Sage Financials.

So, Sage Financials can intelligently automate manual processes; provide attractive and meaningful reports and dashboards; integrate with 3rd party apps; and all of this in Salesforce cloud where it can be accessed speedily from anywhere with an internet connection. Can your current accounting software do the same?

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