Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing Solutions

Edgeware’s ERP solution provides an end-to-end solution for engineer-to-order manufacturers by helping to streamline and integrate quote-to-invoice processes, and improve operational planning and financial management.

  • Import facilities and .net programming facilitate improved electronic collaboration with your customers for the creation of custom designs, hence improving quote and order turnaround.
  • The capability to integrate with CAD systems allows you to import and export multi-level bills of material from and to the design models. This reduces double-entry and the margin for error, as well as provides a solid basis on which to calculate costs, prices and lead times for quotations. In addition, other product-related data such as technical drawings can be imported and linked to the relevant products in the Inventory system, while photographs, video clips and other multimedia files can be linked and viewed on-demand.
  • The Bill of Material and Engineering Change Control functionality enables improved control over product development and re-versioning activities, while rapid, accurate quotation generation is facilitated through the Product Configurator, Estimating, and Quotations features. These ensure the integrity of lead time, cost and profit calculations for bid processes in project, as well as job shop, environments and provide comprehensive evaluations of material, operational and overhead costs for single or multiple routings. Furthermore the software provides the capability on confirmation of a quote to automatically raise all actions related to fulfilling the customer order.
  • Extensive purchase order and blanket purchase order functionality, as well as our electronic collaboration tools, ensure fast and secure communication of purchase orders to suppliers around the globe.
  • Forecasting and re-order point mechanisms, along with flexible replenishment rules, enable you to hedge against unpredictable supply of longer lead time raw materials.
  • Material Requirements Planning and Advanced Trial Kitting provide facilities for calculating what you need and when you need it, taking into account the configured sources of demand and supply, lead times, current inventory levels and order policies.
  • Factory Scheduling assists you in maintaining accurate and up-to-date production schedules that take account of your material plans and the complexities of your factory. This enables better co-ordination between work centers, increased productivity, reduced work-in-progress and achievement of improved customer service levels. Scheduling functionality extends from single-constraint scheduling to multi-constraint scheduling and sequencing.
  • The Work in Progress module enables the capture, costing and tracking of time, materials and overheads consumed in production.
  • The Multi-level Trial Kitting program enables you to quickly check that you have all components required for a job or bill of jobs before issuing any materials or launching a job onto production and, if not, where shortages exist. And the Kit Issues program determines the exact issues required for a user-defined range of job operations, thereby helping to avoid cluttering the production area with unnecessary raw material inventory.
  • For complex long-cycle projects, Edgeware’s solution for Projects and Contracts enables detailed analysis of activities and costs by user-defined section. This provides instant fine-grained visibility to project cost performance, and identification of sunk costs and cost reimbursement values, with the user-defined sections enabling clear differentiations between development phases, as well as own-versus-collaborative efforts. Furthermore, it enables tracking of uncommitted and committed costs at a detailed hierarchical level in real-time and highlights any differences between planned and actual costs as they occur. Retentions, deposits and flexible project payment methods are catered for.
  • The software’s integrated nature, along with its Enterprise Performance Management suite, gives you visibility to related information across your business, on multiple dimensions from local and remote locations. It includes a variety of powerful analysis tools such as Executive Dashboards, Cash Flow Forecast, Analytics and Financial Ratios. Its easy-to-use, powerful functionality promotes improved manufacturing and operational efficiency, as well as excellent customer service, throughout the entire enterprise.
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Our ERP software's easy-to-use, powerful functionality promotes improved manufacturing and operational efficiency, as well as excellent customer service for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing companies.
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