Discreet Manufacturing Solutions

Edgeware’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution provides a fully integrated solution with a comprehensive set of tools to help discrete manufacturers to plan, execute and control production. The ERP functionality assists discrete manufacturers to address the challenges of high and low variance and volume environments, and achieve high levels of efficiency and profitability in the fabrication and assembly of components and finished products.

Edgeware provides solutions to the key challenges faced by the discrete manufacturing environment, such as:

  • Balancing inventory investment with customer service levels.
  • Controlling product design changes for Batch Manufacturers.
  • Identifying and responding to seasonal demand patterns.
  • Managing component requirements.
  • Monitoring the quality of raw materials during production.
  • Reducing forecast error.
  • Reducing lead times.
  • Synchronizing supply with customer demand.

Edgeware’s ERP software solution for Manufacturing has recently been certified by the Technology Evaluation Centres (TEC), an independent third-party analyst firm which helps private- and public-sector organizations choose the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business needs – quickly, impartially and cost-effectively.

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Our ERP software's easy-to-use, powerful functionality promotes improved manufacturing and operational efficiency, as well as excellent customer service for Discreet Manufacturing companies.
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