Configure-to-Order Manufacturing Solutions

Edgeware enables configure-to-order manufacturers to differentiate their product offerings, improve delivery performance and customer service, and streamline constituent configure-to-order processes and operations.

  • The rules-based Product Configurator mitigates the need for multiple bills of material, facilitating the capture of permissible-configuration design and constraint knowledge via the definition of multiple rules and selections. This enables the building of a pre-defined logic engine, including automatic costing and pricing, that facilitates rapid and accurate order-taking by non-technical staff and thus reduces the involvement of experts in routine transactions. Additionally, it enables the automatic generation of factory orders and purchase orders with all the relevant detail required to configure the ordered product, thereby reducing configuration errors and streamlining the sales cycle. Furthermore, the Configurator Wizard can be used to generate quotes, estimates and bills of material, and configurations may be stored in a library for the rapid generation of repeat orders.
  • Planning the manufacture of commonly used sub-assembly stocks and the purchase of their constituent materials is facilitated by the Inventory Optimization and Material Requirements Planning features.
  • The Inventory Optimization suite of modules enables the analysis and ranking of stock for the modeling and creation of suitable stock policies to drive optimal inventory levels and reduce obsolescence.
  • The multi-level master production scheduling provides the capability to optionally master schedule standard stocked sub-assemblies based on the configurable inclusion of sources of demand and supply, as well as the application of requirements rules and order-point replenishment policies.
  • Purchasers can use the resulting purchase suggestions to plan material procurement, while planners can use the resulting jobs as input to whichever scheduling tool is most suited for modeling their capacity and scheduling requirements; scheduling functionality extends from manual load leveling in the Work in Progress module through to automated single- or multiple-constraint-based scheduling and sequencing in the Factory Scheduler module.
  • Work in Progress features enable the efficient execution of jobs, as well as day-to-day monitoring of job-related activities, costs and exception events. Detailed job information, including costs for material and scrap; internal and external labor; and fixed and overhead costs is immediately accessible via the system’s querying, reporting and exception management features.

Edgeware’s ERP software solutions are integrated and provide real-time and complete visibility across your operation. Its easy-to-use, powerful functionality promotes improved manufacturing and operational efficiency, as well as excellent customer service, throughout the entire enterprise.

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Our ERP software's easy-to-use, powerful functionality promotes improved manufacturing and operational efficiency, as well as excellent customer service for Configure-to-Order Manufacturing companies.
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