Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most transformative business force in the world today. Over 25 years ago, when Edgeware was founded, the ERP and networking solutions we offered forever changed how manufacturers in America were able to run their operations to achieve maximum control and profitability.

We are now entering the age of Artificial Intelligence, a time when machines are using algorithms that give them superhuman abilities and learning powers. The rise of AI is intertwined with the history of faster, more robust computing technologies—which make AI and machine learning possible.

By 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by cognitive/AI capabilities, providing timely critical insights for new operating and monetization models.
Source: IDC Reveals Worldwide Digital Transformation Predictions

Here at Edgeware, we continue to research, work on technology solutions and deliver products that allow your companies to break through the barriers of deploying AI applications.

Edgeware is working on how AI can be deployed in an ever connected world. The lines between ERP and CRM are blurring. Chief executives are strategizing on how their ERP systems will interact intelligently with IoT devices, social ecosystems, chatbots, eCommerce platforms and thousands of other technology solutions.

Our goal is to empower SYSPRO ERP software to be deployed at the forefront of this technology revolution and to propel our customers to use AI from SYSPRO, Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in particular, to achieve enormous competitive advantages. We want our customers to leapfrog their competition by having AI in place to do so.


SYSPRO BlueSky is a term used by SYSPRO to showcase emerging technologies which they believe can improve operational efficiencies in businesses.

They turn ideas into reality by showing you how to harness the power of technologies to transform your business. These include Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, and Socialization to open doors to the limitless possibilities of Digitalization.

SYSPRO BlueSky’s vision for 2020 says:

  • There will be 50 billion internet-enabled devices and most of them will be integrated to the internet of things.
  • 25% of the world’s economy will be digital, with 70% of companies expected to have advanced digitization.

Prepare Your Business for Industry 4.0 with SYSPRO 8

“The best way to prepare your business for Industry 4.0 is to implement an ERP system that can pave the way for digitalization by providing real, working solutions that will enable manufacturers and distributors to leverage on new technologies and trends that are shaping and redefining the competitive landscape. It’s the reason the SYSPRO team has worked so hard to ensure that they have embedded the most pragmatic and useful features and functionality of Industry 4.0, into their latest release.” – Kevin Dherman, SYSPRO’s Chief Innovation Officer.

The Industry 4.0 functionality included in SYSPRO’s latest release combines humans with machines, resources with processes and systems, to create a more intelligent manufacturing process. Implementing SYSPRO’s latest ERP solution, SYSPRO 8 – which allows for the integration of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Bots and the Internet of Things – will make the process of digitalization in your organization much easier.

Manufacturers will also benefit from increased accuracy and the speed of automated data collection from machines and devices. With platforms across all devices and the option to deploy on-premise, in the cloud or both, SYSPRO’s latest ERP release is fully equipped to help you make the transition to a digital business.

Choose the Right Provider

As the largest hosting provider of SYSPRO on the AWS platform, Edgeware is a SYSPRO Premium Specialized Solutions Partner that offers superior SYSPRO implementation services in manufacturing and distribution companies across North America. We are BlueSky technologists. Edgeware’s Innovation Lab is currently devising chatbots for our own sales and support departments using SYSPRO and AWS technology. The goals are to increase sales, improve customer experience, and make the technical teams more efficient. We are using our own innovations and deploying them for our customers.

Edgeware is fully plugged into how ERP functions alongside CRM and is the only SYSPRO reseller to offer integration to over 1,100 apps via the IoT Pulse app. Edgeware also partners with the Commercient SYNC solution for integration with CRM’s such as Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

Technology plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to evolve with the market and continue providing value to customers. The business leaders of tomorrow will be the ones who invest in new technologies and lead their organizations through digital transformation. Those who are not prepared to change will get left behind.

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