Atlanta, GA – November 25, 2015 — Edgeware Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in implementing award-winning manufacturing, distribution, and accounting enterprise resource planning (ERP)  software packages has been recognized as winner of the “Best of Business Georgia USA Business Consulting 2015.”

Edgeware was recognized for its advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting and services and also for the company’s customer focus, one that recognizes customer needs and upgrades services and software accordingly to meet these needs.

Edgeware was also recognized for it award-winning software implementation services that not only promotes ease of implementation but also maximizes a company’s processes to achieve the most effective utilization of their ERP software. The company’s software implementation services aid distributors and manufacturers in a variety of industries in achieving sustainability goals, growing revenue, and controlling inventory.

Derek Jenkins, President, Edgeware, said of the latest honor for this company, “It is recognition of Edgeware’s goal of providing premier consulting and implementation services that enables customers to outpace competitors and achieve marketable growth.”

Edgware is a SYSPRO consulting firm whose teams specialize in business consulting, business process management, software development, and report writing.

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About Edgeware

Edgeware provides consulting and implementation services for distribution and manufacturing companies worldwide. Edgware utilizes the latest technological standards for delivering premier support and implementations. With over 400 implementations performed to date, Edgware enjoys one of the most extensive reference lists and successful client base in the industry.