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The Edgeware Alliance brought together business leaders, experts, policymakers, and excellent orators, for a daylong session focused on SYSPRO at a Radisson hotel in Piscataway-Somerset, NJ, on September 6, 2018. The spotlight was on the manufacturing sector, which is driving the national economic and development agenda.

A key contributor to profitability in manufacturing is technical excellence, whether it is in production, supply chain management, or customer service and retention. The companies who are able to adopt the latest technologies are certainly poised for growth.

Event Focus

As manufacturers strive to evolve and thrive in the new age of exponential technologies, the environment is ripe for investment in advanced analytics, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and revolutionized customer experience. Businesses are seeking seamless integrations between technologies to achieve a global competitive advantage.

About the Hosts

Hosts Edgeware welcomed participants for an intimate discussion on a revolution of sorts, in the accounting and sales technology space.

Edgeware, a premier CRM and ERP consulting company, offers advanced solutions through SYSPRO, Salesforce, Sage Business Financials, and Acumatica. The company is also the largest provider of SYSPRO cloud SaaS solutions.

Edgeware supports its clients with enhanced technological capabilities and provides client specific, accurate deliverables in the field of software integration. The solutions are backed by an actively involved core team for uncompromised service that is flexible, timely and accurate.

About the Summit

The Edgeware Alliance saw a mix of experts and business leaders who evaluated the advantages that their solutions bring to the area of manufacturing. Anyone looking to stay competitive must understand the importance of connectivity.

Seamless Technology through integration makes it easier to conduct business, supports innovation and entrepreneurship, improves access to quality customer service and, ultimately, contributes to long-term profitability.

Session Highlights

SYSPRO showcased the latest Syspro 8 ERP software complete with Ken the Bot and social interaction. The powerful new features of this robust system enhance digital independence, improve supply chain and retention efficiencies and ease the process further. One of the most significant deliverables was the dual user interface. SYSPRO 8 allows users seamless navigation through an easy to use, simple and uncluttered layout.

Biznet took to the stage to nimbly perform ERP data analytics using their Excel-based software. With just a few clicks and drags, financial data flowed and came alive on dashboards. Kade Hoff of Biznet showed how reports, which normally take up hours or days can be generated in seconds. Sophisticated data analytics can be performed with efficiency levels previously thought impossible.

Richard Jenkins, Co-Founder of Commercient, began his presentation by highlighting Salesforce, and how Commercient SYNC, the #1 integration platform for sales, can share data seamlessly between ERP and CRM systems.

He pointed out the limitless possibilities that come with the advanced bi-directional data synchronization. Later in the day, Richard again took to the stage to explore two unique concepts. First being Commercient’s SYNC for Magento, which allows complete integration of eCommerce platforms with back-office ERP systems.

The second integration platform was Commercient IoT Pulse for micro integrations between ERP systems and over 815 apps. These include WooCommerce, Marketo, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Magento, and more. IoT Pulse drove home the advantages that come with setting your data free to achieve the highest standards of integration and efficiency.

Eric Moore of Avalara shared excellent insights on the topic of tax compliance for manufacturers as they navigate the new world of remote sales. Citing the example of the recent Supreme Court ruling in the case of South Dakota versus Wayfair, Inc., he explained how tax compliance slip-ups could prove costly.

In such diverse and complex scenarios, both online and offline, automation in the key. Avalara’s built-in connectivity and advanced APIs make its use an easy decision for recording, collecting and paying sales tax. The company takes the sweat out of tax compliance requirements, and allows clients to focus on other essentials such as sales.

Bruce Hagberg of riteSOFT presented the warehouse management system, riteSCAN. With riteSOFT, supply chain streamlining, warehouse transactions, improving inventory accuracy, and integrating with ERP is not only possible but within time-frames that saves hundreds of man-hours.

Bruce addressed the concerns of pharmaceutical and food manufacturers in the audience who are striving to control lots and track pallets with riteSCAN. The system automates physical inventory counts, purchase order receiving, inventory movement, job issues, and sales order picking. He wrapped up the session with riteTIME, a perfect solution for shop floor data collection and time tracking.

The guest speaker for the day was Bhargav Bhatt, Vice President of leading pharmaceutical company, Aspire. He spoke about how the Aspire team and Edgeware collaborated to establish a customized cloud-based SYSPRO ERP Software for efficiency in Lot Control, Traceability and Batch Processing.

The Aspire story is indeed a great customer success for Edgeware, who support the company, using the SYSPRO modules in managing almost their entire operation from manufacturing right through to accounts. Besides, such a streamlined approach has improved data visibility of products and profits, allowing 98% accuracy in inventory management.

Edgeware focused on Aspire’s exact business requirements, and intelligently recommended SYSPRO, which has paved the way for the company to reach its end-goals.

Participant Reaction

The reactions from the participating audience were extremely positive, agreeing that the event covered the most relevant manufacturing issues and challenges. The entire event was conducted with a futuristic attitude reflecting technology and manufacturing on the verge of a major leapfrog growth.

The audience was made aware of technical capabilities and potential solutions built on SYSPRO platforms. The strategic alliance between these technology giants means a greater advantage to the customer. From warehouse management to total tax compliance, easy data analytics, CRM synchronization, and eCommerce, manufacturers have better tools than ever before to innovate and gain new competitive advantages.

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