Revolutionary developments in the world of cutting-edge technology have opened doors to untold opportunities. They are defined by unprecedented possibilities. New technologies continue to emerge, driving innovation and change across industries worldwide. Businesses find themselves under pressure to adapt and continually reinvent themselves to keep up.

The evolution of cloud computing technology sees an increasing number of businesses shifting towards a digital business model, and migrating to cloud computing solutions such as cloud ERP. The ability to change and adapt to this fast-paced digital world has now become vital to the success and longevity of virtually every business.

Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is Software as a Service (SaaS) that is hosted on cloud computing platforms. This allows users to access their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software via the internet, anytime and anywhere.

This technology is gaining traction, and quickly becoming the standard approach for businesses of all sizes. Gartner forecasts that in 2019, $206.2 billion will be spent on public cloud services, an increase of 17% from 2018. As a growing number of businesses migrate to the cloud, others are still dabbling in this technology, not realizing the tremendous benefits that it has to offer.

Cloud ERP vs. On-Premise ERP: What’s the Difference?

Technically, the only difference between cloud ERP and on-premise ERP is the physical location of the software. On-premise ERP software is located on-site, within the server infrastructure of a business. Meanwhile, cloud ERP is, as its name suggests, based on the cloud. Check out this blog and this blog from Commercient for more details on Cloud ERP vs. an on-premise solution.

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Software

  • Lower upfront costs.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • No upfront fees for application software licenses.
  • Faster deployment.
  • Easily accessed from any location.
  • Backup and disaster recovery plans.

Edgeware and SYSPRO Embrace the Cloud

Edgeware and SYSPRO help companies take the lead in technology-enabled business innovations, by taking advantage of cloud ERP benefits.

SYSPRO’s Cloud ERP Software

As one of the longest standing ERP vendors, SYSPRO is a world leader in leading-edge ERP software solutions. The full functionality of SYSPRO ERP software is available with their cloud-based ERP.

Companies can get all the benefits of an ERP solution without purchasing and maintaining hardware. And also of importance, not having to manage a costly in-house IT department.

Major Benefits of SYSPRO Cloud ERP Software

  • Rapid Deployment: Get up and running within a few days, hours, or even minutes. All without the time and hassle of installing and configuring equipment.
  • Easy Mobility: Access all your data anytime, anywhere, using any device with internet-enabled connectivity.
  • Always Available: Update to your data are seamlessly handled in the cloud.
  • Cost Advantage: No upfront capital investment required for purchasing hardware. You will also avoid unexpected IT costs.
  • Security: From encryption, authentication, and data loss prevention through backups and replicated data centers, to malware protection and software updates, SYSPRO’s Cloud ERP solution keeps your critical data secure.

SYSPRO Cloud ERP: Industry-Built ERP Software

SYSPRO is focused on industry innovation across a variety of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers
  • Electronics
  • Fabricated Metal
  • Food and Beverage
  • Furniture and Fittings
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics and Rubber
  • Consumer Goods

Take Your Business to the Cloud with Edgeware and SYSPRO

Today, the world’s most successful businesses use technology to outperform their traditional competitors. Regardless of the industry in which a business operates, Edgeware and SYSPRO strongly believe that Digital Transformation plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of a business.

As a SYSPRO Platinum Partner, Edgeware has the knowledge and expertise to implement SYSPRO’s industry-leading Cloud ERP solutions and facilitate your Digital Transformation journey so you’re better prepared for future challenges.

Contact Edgeware today, to find out how we can help you move to the Cloud.

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Anna Kinnear is a Sage Financials Consultant at Edgeware, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Science from the University of South Africa. She has always had a passion for reading and writing.


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