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Georgia Manufacturing Summit: Disruptive Technology and Industry Trends

By Raj Adhi Since the first industrial revolution, manufacturing has remained one of the most formidable industries to shape a nation’s economy. To stay relevant in today’s economy, manufacturers have to think beyond product and infrastructure. Understanding and adopting digital transformations is the key to service efficiency. And the annual Georgia Manufacturing Summit’s goal is [...]

Integration Strategy: Turn Digital Disruption into Digital Opportunity

By now, you have heard the term “digital disruption”.  It is defined as, “ The change that occurs when new technologies and business models affect the value of existing goods and services,” according to TechTarget.com.  Digital disruption was directly responsible for the demise of corporate giants like Blockbuster--Blockbuster failed to adopt a strategic response to [...]

Salesforce Honored in 2017

We’re more than halfway through 2017, and Salesforce has been winning award after award.  As a Salesforce certified partner, Edgeware is pleased to congratulate Salesforce on their latest gains. First, the Salesforce Service Cloud was named a leader by Forrester Research in its report,  The Forrester Wave. Their innovative Service Cloud platform is an AI-powered [...]

Take Your Company to the Next Level: Salesforce Support Desk

Salesforce is the world's foremost CRM platform, but do you know how to leverage it? Our Salesforce Support Desk can show you how to harness the power of Salesforce and grow your business. Your company has Salesforce and you love your Salesforce CRM.  It is agile, customizable, and powerful enough to handle every aspect of your [...]

The Omnichannel Journey: Why Your Company Needs an Omnichannel Strategy, Part 2

In last week’s post, we discussed the definition of omnichannel marketing and how it can help your company rise above your competitors. To reiterate, omnichannel marketing is focused on the customer, their journey and how your brand can use it to align with sales and make the customer experience unforgettable.  There are some challenges to [...]

The Omnichannel Journey: Why Your Company Needs an Omnichannel Strategy, Part 1

Omnichannel marketing is a term that has been bandied about for a few years now.  What does it mean, and how can your company make the shift?  Omnichannel marketing is more than just a nifty marketing buzzword--it actually refers to a shift in how consumers are buying and how companies must change their approach.  It [...]

Choosing a CRM: 3 Common Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

As we have pointed out before,great customer service is the key to maintaining a successful business.  Companies need to consistently interact with their customers in order to keep up with their clients’ needs.  To that end, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a necessity for any growing business.  CRM platforms allow your business to [...]

Customer Service in the Digital Age: 3 Great Tips to Rise Above the Rest

With AI taking over so many aspects of business, great customer service is more important than ever before. There is an old saying regarding happy clients: “If you have a bad experience somewhere, you will tell everyone you know.  If you have a great experience, you’ll tell two people.” The internet has made the world [...]

Salesforce Celebrates Summer with Great Updates

For those of you new to the Salesforce CRM platform, or even for those seasoned Salesforce vets, you may not know that the company updates their software three times a year: in Spring, Summer, and Winter.  The Summer ‘17 updates just came out a few weeks ago, and because the gurus at Salesforce were smart [...]

Free Whitepaper from Sage: Be a Financially Savvy Small-Business Owner

Every entrepreneur starts their business in the hope that their idea will be the next big thing.  Every entrepreneur hopes to succeed, but the fact is that most start-ups fail in the first 5 years. If you don’t want your business to be a statistic, Sage has a free whitepaper that will tell you what [...]