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Customer Service in the Digital Age: 3 Great Tips to Rise Above the Rest

With AI taking over so many aspects of business, great customer service is more important than ever before. There is an old saying regarding happy clients: “If you have a bad experience somewhere, you will tell everyone you know.  If you have a great experience, you’ll tell two people.” The internet has made the world [...]

Create an Ideal Home Office: 5 Quick Tips

Maybe you have a telecommute option a few days a week or maybe you are an entrepreneur working 50 hours a week from home. Either way, you need a space that will allow you to work both effectively and comfortably.  Finding a great balance between the two isn't easy, but you don't have to hire an interior designer, [...]

Great Gifts for Any Kind of Mom this Mother’s Day

Your mother always tried to keep you organized. Your mother tried to teach you to be prepared. Unfortunately, we didn’t listen. Now, Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away and you have nothing to give to the lady that raised you. Fear not--we are here to help you. Below find a collection of the [...]

Is Your Cloud-Based Data Secure?

In today’s digital world, businesses must be technologically present, efficient, and cost-effective. Cloud-based ERP solutions promise all of these things and more. More businesses are discovering these solutions and realizing the potential. In fact, according to research, over 75% of all organizations will use some form of cloud-based solution in 2017. Due to this number, [...]

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Data

According to this infographic from Experian Data Quality, there are over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day. For businesses of all sizes, data plays an important part in boosting revenue and formulating products and services that customers want and that should never be underestimated. However, all that data won’t do you much good [...]

7 Practical Benefits of Cloud Based ERP

What is Cloud Based ERP? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a term used to describe the broad set of activities that helps a business manage things like inventory management and finances. Cloud-based ERP is ERP software that enables your company’s accounting and reporting to run in the cloud (not really surprising, right?). Cloud-based ERP is [...]

5 Things Your Millennial Employees Wish You Knew

  Do you really know what your millennial employees are looking for at work? Or are you just taking your best guess? According to this article from Gallup, “...millennials strive for a life well-lived. They want good jobs -- ones with 30-plus hours of work a week and regular paychecks from employers. They also want [...]

The Small Business Owners Guide To Taking A Vacation

  Summer is quickly fading. But if you’re a small business owner you may not have had the opportunity to take a vacation from work and enjoy the warm weather while it’s here. That’s understandable. Keeping a business going is hard work. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay chained to your desk and [...]

How To Save Money During Your ERP Implementation

New ERP systems aren’t cheap. But we have a few secrets we’re willing to share that will save you money during your ERP implementation. Set Your Budget Always start with the basics kids. To save that money during your ERP implementation you have to set a budget. What will the ERP software you want cost? [...]

How To Keep Your Client Calm

As software consultants, we’ve all been there--a client calls you up frustrated about something that went wrong and blames your consulting company. It’s usually not your fault but that’s not something to tell your client when they’re upset. No software consulting company can function without clients. However, when you get frustrated phone calls it can [...]