Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce: An Edgeware BlueSky Idea

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, for some companies it is no longer business as usual. Advancements in technology are setting new standards and new business models are emerging to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. Rest assured, virtually every industry around the globe will be affected by this era of technology. Artificial [...]

Salesforce Honored in 2017

We’re more than halfway through 2017, and Salesforce has been winning award after award.  As a Salesforce certified partner, Edgeware is pleased to congratulate Salesforce on their latest gains. First, the Salesforce Service Cloud was named a leader by Forrester Research in its report,  The Forrester Wave. Their innovative Service Cloud platform is an AI-powered [...]

Take Your Company to the Next Level: Salesforce Support Desk

Salesforce is the world's foremost CRM platform, but do you know how to leverage it? Our Salesforce Support Desk can show you how to harness the power of Salesforce and grow your business. Your company has Salesforce and you love your Salesforce CRM.  It is agile, customizable, and powerful enough to handle every aspect of your [...]

Salesforce Celebrates Summer with Great Updates

For those of you new to the Salesforce CRM platform, or even for those seasoned Salesforce vets, you may not know that the company updates their software three times a year: in Spring, Summer, and Winter.  The Summer ‘17 updates just came out a few weeks ago, and because the gurus at Salesforce were smart [...]

4 Salesforce Apps You Probably Aren’t Using, But Should Be–Part 2

Salesforce CRM is one of the most-used client relationship management systems in North America and is expanding rapidly. The great part about this powerful CRM is that you can tailor it to your industry and to your company's specific needs. Salesforce has some great apps and add-ons that you can utilize to make this system [...]

A Top of the Line Salesforce Experience: The New Edgeware Salesforce Support Desk

Business owners, e-commerce sites, and  Salesforce CRM users are calling this era the “age of the customer” – that is, business is no longer about your product or service, but about how you handle your customers. In fact, customer service is so important for businesses today that it not only influences buying decisions but can also make [...]

Why the Future of CRM Lies in AI

There have been myriad posts devoted to future trends in CRM systems. Most of these are quick to talk about cloud-based services and plug-in apps.  A few have ventured into the necessity of specialization of CRM for specific industries.  What will truly mark the future of CRM is artificial intelligence or AI. The reason that [...]

4 Salesforce Apps You Probably Aren’t Using–But Should Be

Salesforce is already a powerful tool that can help you build your business. The best part about the Salesforce CRM platform is that users can customize it for their needs. This can get tricky--Salesforce has an overwhelming number of apps available to users in their app exchange. Which ones should you choose?  These are some [...]

CRM Trends to Watch in 2017

It isn’t news that this is the age of the consumer. Anyone who has been in business within the last 5 years knows that consumers are driving how companies do business, instead of the other way around. Companies that have not embraced this trend have failed dismally--witness the downfall of former retail giants like Sears [...]

Sales Management: Dashboards to the Rescue

As a sales manager, you probably have a daily, demanding to-do list. Not only are you responsible for leading and managing your sales team, but also for developing sales plans, setting sales goals, analyzing data, and the list goes on right? If you are like most sales managers, you look for ways in which you [...]