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The Omnichannel Journey: Why Your Company Needs an Omnichannel Strategy, Part 2

In last week’s post, we discussed the definition of omnichannel marketing and how it can help your company rise above your competitors. To reiterate, omnichannel marketing is focused on the customer, their journey and how your brand can use it to align with sales and make the customer experience unforgettable.  There are some challenges to [...]

The Omnichannel Journey: Why Your Company Needs an Omnichannel Strategy, Part 1

Omnichannel marketing is a term that has been bandied about for a few years now.  What does it mean, and how can your company make the shift?  Omnichannel marketing is more than just a nifty marketing buzzword--it actually refers to a shift in how consumers are buying and how companies must change their approach.  It [...]

Customer Service in the Digital Age: 3 Great Tips to Rise Above the Rest

With AI taking over so many aspects of business, great customer service is more important than ever before. There is an old saying regarding happy clients: “If you have a bad experience somewhere, you will tell everyone you know.  If you have a great experience, you’ll tell two people.” The internet has made the world [...]

A Top of the Line Salesforce Experience: The New Edgeware Salesforce Support Desk

Business owners, e-commerce sites, and  Salesforce CRM users are calling this era the “age of the customer” – that is, business is no longer about your product or service, but about how you handle your customers. In fact, customer service is so important for businesses today that it not only influences buying decisions but can also make [...]

CRM Trends to Watch in 2017

It isn’t news that this is the age of the consumer. Anyone who has been in business within the last 5 years knows that consumers are driving how companies do business, instead of the other way around. Companies that have not embraced this trend have failed dismally--witness the downfall of former retail giants like Sears [...]

Grow Your B2B And B2C Email Marketing Strategies: 4 Great Tips

Email marketing is not extinct. In fact, email marketing is still the preferred platform for communication between businesses and consumers. Email marketing has an incredibly high percentage of ROI (return on investment) at around 3000%. Even beyond ROI, email marketing has the highest overall conversion rate for consumers looking to purchase – a whopping 66% compared [...]

Start a Love Affair: Bring Them Back for More with Customer Service

It is inevitable that every great business will have questions that need to be answered and problems that must be solved. Whether the issue arises from your product or a question occurs about your services, service calls (emails, social media posts, instant messages) will happen. You have already won a customer, now you need to [...]