Can-Entry-Level-SoftwareAsking the right questions is often a critical factor in the pursuit of a successful outcome. For example, you don’t just go out and buy a car. You often go to the dealership and ask questions about performance, comfort, past owners, and so on.

The same method most of us use to purchase a car can often be used to find the right software to support your growing business. Two key questions that you need answered when shopping for this software are:

-Does it accommodate a constantly changing environment?

-Does it adapt rapidly to grow revenue?

Businesses today are always changing due to automation, escalating regulation, new supply sources, and new technology; all of which are factors that can make or break a business. Nowhere is this impact of change more apparent than on startup companies that have grown rapidly or steadily and now find themselves trying to address complex resource planning challenges with one-dimensional software.

The inability of a company’s software to change and grow with the business presents a serious problem. Your software should consistently have the ability to provide meaningful data access and reporting that supports current and future growth. So, to return to our example about asking the right questions, here are a few that you should be asking if you suspect that your software just isn’t cutting it anymore:

  • Is your system limiting your ability to adopt current vital technology (such as cloud, mobile, or workflow)?
  • Are your competitors outpacing you?
  • Is your financial control limited and impacting profitability and time management?
  • Are customer orders being delivered late and filled with errors?
  • Is poor inventory visibility resulting in understocking?
  • Are multiple business operations still being handled manually because your software can’t accommodate them?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you might want to think about upgrading to a fully-functional ERP system best  suited for your business growth. If your company is going to become (and maintain its place as) a relevant contender in its market, it’s often necessary to implement an ERP system.

This can only be achieved after a thorough examination of your plans, processes, and desired outcome. Edgeware specializes in upgrading and implementing Syspro ERP systems for businesses big and small. If you would like to learn more about upgrading to a fully-functional ERP system like Syspro, contact us today.