As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, for some companies it is no longer business as usual. Advancements in technology are setting new standards and new business models are emerging to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. Rest assured, virtually every industry around the globe will be affected by this era of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the cornerstone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the next innovation wave that will lead to a more intelligent world. We’ve all experienced the power of AI in one way or another. When Google autocompletes your search query or when a movie recommendation is made by Netflix, that’s AI at work. It will do more than just change the way we do business – it will impact every corner of society.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits to Your Business

AI will radically change how businesses operate and analyze data. AI can process masses of data in the blink of an eye, enabling businesses to make the most of their data and do the seemingly impossible.

Here are just a few benefits businesses can expect from embracing Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI will identify complex patterns in data, draw conclusions, and forecast at a speed beyond human capabilities.
  • AI can help businesses anticipate trends in consumer demands, predict customer needs. and take customer experience to a whole new level.
  • AI will automate repetitive tasks and make employees more productive and efficient.
  • AI can help sales teams gather more qualified leads and increase conversion rates, essentially boosting revenue.

AI Will Revolutionize the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry

AI will have a huge impact on manufacturing and distribution business processes, ultimately changing the way goods are manufactured and sold. With product manufacturing becoming increasingly complex, and ever-increasing customer demands and expectations, manufacturers have much to gain from AI-related technologies.

The manufacturing and distribution industry can use AI technologies to:

  • Identify product line defects with computer vision.
  • Predict equipment failure.
  • Reduce costly unplanned downtime with predictive maintenance.
  • Reduce product design time.
  • Minimize operational costs with automation.
  • Improve efficiency, product quality and the safety of employees.
  • Optimize the supply chain and distribution process.

Edgeware and Commercient Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Edgeware is a Salesforce Partner and a Salesforce CRM implementation specialist. With our extensive background in CRM across various industries and in-depth business expertise, we can help you elevate and empower your sales team to win more deals. As a certified Salesforce Partner, Edgeware also provides consulting and training solutions through a Salesforce Support Desk.

Commercient, an Edgeware partner, specializes in providing customers with efficient data integration applications. Commercient helps businesses run more efficiently by seamlessly integrating their ERP software and Salesforce with Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. In addition, IoT Pulse connects ERPs to over 1100 apps, including Salesforce, marketing systems, eCommerce and more, to help free data and streamline processes.

Edgeware, in partnership with Commercient, embrace Artificial Intelligence technology for 2019. Edgeware and Commercient believe that AI brings exciting new opportunities beyond the realms of possibility and will ultimately shape the businesses of tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence by Salesforce

Salesforce is transforming CRM by delivering the latest breakthroughs in AI technology. Salesforce has brought AI to CRM, empowering businesses to accelerate the performance of their entire sales process.

Salesforce Einstein

The worlds #1 CRM is now the world’s smartest CRM with Salesforce Einstein, the world’s first comprehensive AI for CRM. Salesforce Einstein is a layer of artificial intelligence built into the Salesforce platform. Einstein is your smart CRM assistant, designed to help you work smarter using the power of Salesforce. Salesforce Einstein is available through Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Salesforce Einstein Key Features

  • Sales Cloud Einstein
    – Close more deals with predictive scoring, actionable insights, and accurate sales forecasting.
    – Automatically identify and prioritize the leads and opportunities most likely to convert and close.
    – Automatically capture data and add new contacts to your CRM.
  • Service Cloud Einstein
    – Increase agent productivity and deliver more intelligent, satisfying customer service with Einstein Bots.
    – Use Einstein Bots to reduce call volume, eliminate hold time, reduce average handling time, and increase first contact resolution.
  • Marketing Cloud Einstein
    –  Increase average order size and revenue by recommending the next best product, content or offer to every customer.
    – Increase lead generation and conversions by predicting every customers likelihood to engage with your emails or convert on the web from your marketing campaigns.
    – Track the audience’s interest in your brand and products from images shared on social media even when there is no specific mention of them.
    – Analyze social conversations using natural language processing to predict influencers, sentiment and language and gain deeper insight into your customers.
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein
    – Create personalized shopping experiences and recommend products tailored to every customer.
    – Analyze customer data to predict which products should be bundled or displayed together with a powerful shopping basket analysis dashboard that reveals purchasing behavior.
    – Personalize the order in which products appear in search and category pages results for each customer depending on their previous browsing habits.
    – Ensure better search experiences for shoppers and predict the search terms that need to be added to search dictionaries to ensure that customers always see the most relevant search results every time.
  • Einstein Analytics
    – Discover hidden insights and patterns in your data to predict future trends and always know the next best sales, service, or marketing action.
  • Community Cloud Einstein
    – Enable community members to discover the people, content, and conversations they need to be the most productive, every day.
    – Automatically suggest relevant experts, groups, and content based on interests, needs, and behavior from their social activities.
    – Keep members engaged by identifying and promoting popular content.
    – Help your community members find certified experts on the topics that matter most to them so their questions are answered faster than ever.
  • Einstein Platform
    – Build your own smart, AI-powered assistant with Einstein Platform.
    – Easily build and deploy a customer service chatbot trained on your CRM data to respond to common customer queries.
    – Use Einstein Voice Assistant to talk to Salesforce to perform tasks such as note dictation and data entry.
    – Einstein Image and Object Detection lets you identify the quantity, size and location of objects within an image and recognize your brand, products and more.
    – Classify the sentiment and underlying intent in a body of text.

Businesses that are incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their business processes are already reaping the benefits of AI technology. If you’re not one of them, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon!

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