Artificial intelligence is a topic that has been dominating many headlines of late. Business Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) go hand-in-hand. Businesses are undergoing digital transformation, and much of the growth they will experience going forward will be driven by artificial intelligence.

While many organizations have embraced artificial intelligence as a critical part of their future business growth, many more are still in the dark regarding the potential of this powerful technology. Edgeware’s Innovation Lab is working on how Artificial Intelligence can be deployed in today’s ERP and CRM environments to achieve a real competitive advantage. Our goal is to help our customers to use AI from SYSPRO, Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in particular, to achieve strategic process improvements, greater efficiency, lower costs, higher revenues, and more accuracy and quality.

To find out the state of digital transformation, Forrester surveyed 1,600 business and IT decision-makers in North American and European businesses. Forrester’s survey revealed some alarming statistics, one of which was that, while three of four executives think emerging technology is key to transformation, only 17% are investing in artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Britannica defines Artificial Intelligence as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. With AI, machines can replicate human behavior and make sense of data, and learn from it, to perform specific tasks without manual interference.

What AI Can Do for your Business

With an ever increasing amount of data at our disposal, effective technologies can allow us to make sense of all this data so we can deliver superior experiences for the modern consumer’s needs. AI provides a highly efficient way to achieve this goal. AI technologies can analyze data and surface business insights more successfully and cost-effectively.

AI will take companies in the manufacturing industry to the next level by improving productivity, tooling utilization and minimizing production cost per unit. Employing AI in manufacturing enables companies to completely transform their processes. AI has the ability to not only automate tasks, but also make business processes feasible. When coupled with the power of ERP, AI can answer questions about your business before you ask them.

As a SYSPRO Platinum Partner, Edgeware has the experience and credibility to launch AI into your business by implementing SYSPRO’s latest ERP for you.

SYSPRO 8 – From AI to UI

SYSPRO has embedded Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its latest ERP software (SYSPRO 8), enabling organizations to take advantage of these new technologies to become more efficient. SYSPRO 8 uses ML and AI to dissect data and provide analysis and insights to users to enhance their decision-making process.

The underlying ML and AI engine is available out-of-the-box for both cloud and on-premise deployments. With the ML Designer, non-technical users can design their own AI models with ease.

By using the flexible cards infrastructure, AI models can be attached anywhere in SYSPRO’s web-based interface, Avanti. These cards detect anomalies, surface insights, trends and predictions directly to the user interface, drawing the user’s attention to aspects they may not have been aware of. The availability of this information makes for greater control and quicker decision making.

How Edgeware and SYSPRO 8 Utilize AI

  • Predictions
    AI uses historical data to predict future behavior.
    AI uses historical data to predict when a customer might default on payments based on past behavior or predict final job costs from historical performance.
  • Anomaly Detection
    This function is typically used to detect fraudulent transactions or incorrect keystrokes. The AI engine monitors your database to determine the parameters for normal behavior. When an anomaly is detected, the relevant people are alerted immediately so they can determine whether the anomaly is valid or fraudulent.
    When a user who ordinarily places 5 sales orders averaging a total of $1,000, places one sales order for $5,000.
  • Computer Vision
    Not even the sharpest human eye can detect microscopic flaws in products, but a machine equipped with a camera more sensitive than the human eye won’t miss a thing. AI has the ability to analyze still and video images in real time, and well beyond the human eye. Combined with SYSPRO 8, this capability can help with quality assurance and health and safety regulations on the shop floor.
    AI can take pictures of products as they come off the production line for real-time quality checks, or detect who is authorized to use machines or forklifts by using facial recognition.

The symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and business digitalization will lead to the transformation of many industries, and potentially give rise to organizations that do business on a whole new level.

Take your first step towards digital transformation by implementing SYSPRO’s latest ERP (SYSPRO 8) in your business using Edgeware’s expertise. Contact Edgeware today to find out how we can help you!


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