Edgeware has been consulting for 30+ years and every work week has challenged us to be better. Better communicators. Better listeners. Better problem solvers. We work hard to give our clients the best and we know that we always have something to learn.

Consulting is a rewarding profession but it isn’t always easy. Helping our clients achieve greatness requires a combination of deep experience and strong thinking; free-thinking. And the key to being a free-thinking consultant is the ability to develop formative beliefs and opinions and express them clearly. Embracing the six tips below doesn’t hurt either.

How To Be A Free-Thinking ERP Consultant

  1. Free-thinking consultants stay up to date on all the latest technology and ERP trends. As a consultant, you want to be a resource of knowledge for your clients, someone they can turn to with all their questions and concerns. Make sure you stay current with relevant trends in the industry so you’re always ready to answer your client’s questions.
  2. Free-thinking consultants are approachable. The best consultants in any industry are the ones with the personality of a game show host. They’re easy to talk to and easy to trust. They’re someone you can speak comfortably and believe they won’t lead you astray. And they never let you buy into the fact that business has to boring.
  3. Free-thinking consultants offer creative solutions to the issues their (potential) clients are facing. Nothing sets you apart faster than the ability to offer a useful solution that nobody has ever thought of or presented before. Your priority is always the client and meeting their needs so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you need to.
  4. Free-thinking consultants develop the skills to work quickly without making mistakes. It may seem unreasonable at first but when implementing ERP (and CRM) solutions for companies there isn’t a lot of room for error. The sooner you hone this skill the better you’ll be for it. However, mistakes do happen on rare occasions (we’re all only human) so the ability to recover from a mistake is just as valuable as never making one, to begin with.
  5. Free-thinking consultants know how to function as part of a team. Successful consultants know how to play well with others—co-workers, clients, managers. They also know how to resolve issues calmly and rationally. Working with a team can be twice as rewarding as trying to fly solo. If you ever do branch out on your own, don’t forget the people who helped you become the best consultant you could be along the way.
  6. Free-thinking consultants make themselves available. A good consultant knows how important it is that they make themselves available to their clients, their families, and their community. Work projects can be a lot of fun and easy to get caught up in. But a consultant with their head on straight knows how important it is to divvy up their availability for a good work-life balance.

Free-thinking consultants don’t just know how to implement technology. They’ve worked hard to obtain a deeper knowledge of the products and services they’re dishing out advice on. They’re capable of handling unexpected conditions and providing you with everything you need to see your project through from start to finish.

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