Training is crucial to any manufacturing ERP implementation project. However, the importance of training is often overlooked. It makes no difference if your business makes to stock or makes to order, your employees should have extensive training. Here are three tips that guarantee training success for your manufacturing ERP project.

  1. Make manufacturing ERP training a priority. Let everybody know that training is top priority and then practice what you preach. Be involved and use company time for training. This shows your team that you value their time and how serious you are about training everyone appropriately. Go ahead and identify your key team members (people who need to know the system best) and dedicate extensive training time to them during the testing phase.
  2. Manufacturing ERP training should be company wide. Treat everybody the same and training will go a lot smoother. Manufacturing ERP systems come with some powerful tools. Decisions have to be made at all levels throughout your company every day. Not everybody will be as involved as certain team members but it’s important that everyone shares an equal understanding of how everything works. If you restrict ERP training to one department you’re just holding your business back.
  3. Nurture your champions. Some members of your team are going to pick up the things they learn in training a lot faster than everybody else. Allow them to serve as informal models of success. Offer additional training to anyone who’s interested in learning past the basic level. These people are your champions and should be the first to use advanced options in your manufacturing ERP.

Take ‘em or leave ‘em but these tips are tried and true. Should you choose to take them and use them, we guarantee a greater level of success with your manufacturing ERP training than if you attempted to train without using them.